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"Using our hands to do good"


This community of Remar has been working for over 10 years in this city, to date we have a central office, 2 homes for men, 2 homes for women and children, 1 first phase farm, 2 second hand shops, 2 radio stations and a ministry inside the local jail.

Projects in 2009

Baptisms for over 50 people in unit 15 of the jail named “Batan”

On the “day of children” celebrated in this country, toys were donated to all the children visiting fathers in the jail

Another event inside the jail was the marriage of an inmate inside the jail, married by the pastor of Remar Mar de Plata.

A Christian camp was organized for Young people called “Joshua” for children from different parts of the country.

 Much needed for the spiritual growth for Young adults.

New sound equipment to help the evangelizing campaigns being done in the city.

Project in 2010

A new FM radio station was opened (87.5fm) in the city reaching over 15 miles.

A new bus was bought with a capacity of 40 people.

New projects to come

Preparations to move into the city of Olavarría o Tandil (population 150,000) to expand the work of Remar.

More evangelizing campaigns in the streets and parks of Mar de plata

An evangelistic camp for youths in the city making the most of the beautiful beaches.

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