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Remar is a Christian organization with more than 29 years of experience, working to help the needy and fighting against social exclusion. 
Remar has been working in Argentina since 1992, where a group of missionaries came from Spain to give their lives for this country. Remar has now grown into more than 18 cities helping children, teenagers, adults and seniors. It is appropriate to mention that it is thanks to God and the support of everyone working daily within and beside our institution.

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A well known drug in South America called “Paco” (also known as cocaine paste, paste or basuco) is a low-cost drug made from baking soda, caffeine, alkaloid cocaine and amphetamines.

It is often consumed by breathing in through pipes (usually homemade) or smoked as a cigarette (mixed, mature, bazooka, free or bagging) and because of their chemical composition, it is highly toxic and addictive. It consists of a psychoactive substance composed mainly of the extraction of alkaloids from the coca leaf that fail to be processed to become cocaine hydrochloride, which is the most common and sought after presentation of the substance. The extraction of these is made by macerating coca leaf in kerosene or other solvents, but the lack of precursor chemicals to make this group of alkaloids cocaine in salt by reaction with hydrochloric acid, this drug is sold in this way in much of South America.


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